What Inspires You, Inspires Us

You’ve always loved the water and the creatures who live in it. So it’s no wonder you splashed down as the director of an aquarium where people come to share your passion. Now you’re leading the attraction’s remodeling project and could use help with the interior space. But who designs for aquariums?…We do. Along with historic old theaters. And other special, and unusual, projects. They inspire us. So whether your project calls for an Eastern Murex, Nassa Mud Snails or a Funtime Palace Hot Oil Popcorn Machine, we know just where to find them.


From historic theatre renovations to modern aquariums… our design team has a wide ranging knowledge base, background and creative expertise to meet any design challenges posed by unusual, special projects.

Defining Your Style

Our friendly Decker Ross designers can help you key in on a design style and refine your priorities. Our team is well versed in a variety of styles, and can expertly guide you toward a finished look that is not only beautiful, but reflects your desired style, image or corporate branding.

Planning Your Space

Whether your project is a Theatre, Aquarium, Backstage Concert Venue, or other unique space, our Decker Ross design team specializes in space planning. This important interior design step ensures that selected furnishings and other design elements are the appropriate scale and that traffic patterns flow properly.

Let Us Help

No design project is too large or too small for Decker Ross Interiors. From blueprints to finishing touches, our designers are here to assist you.

Other Featured Design Elements

Here Is How We Can Help

Our friendly design team is ready to listen and guide you………

Whether you are staring at blank walls, outdated décor, or an empty lot, our experienced, professional Interior Designers are here to assist you with the design process.

We will create a customized proposal based on the scope of your project and budget.

  • It Starts With An Appointment – Please call us at: 727.442.9996 or Click On the “Get Started Today” Link on our Home Page. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Tell Us What You Need – Depending upon the scope of your project, our Interior Designers can meet with you “on location” or in our studio, to discuss your thoughts and ideas.
  • We Do The Legwork – After the initial meeting, our design team will research appropriate selections and options that reflect your established style, branding, color, and budget requirements. Depending on the needs and requirements of your project, we will create a professional presentation, which will provide a conceptual overview of your finished project.
  • Our Presentation To You – Our designers will create a professional presentation that will assist you in visualizing the proposed design.
  • You Decide At Your Leisure – We encourage you to ask questions, review, and be comfortable with the proposed interior design plan for your special project- before we move forward.
  • What Happens Next? – Once you are satisfied with the final design plan, you will give us the approval to take the next step in the process…..
  • Give Us The Go Ahead – Following your approval, our Interior Designers will place your orders and coordinate and schedule related workrooms and subcontractors, to create a seamless flow in the projected timeline of your project.
  • Your Beautiful Special Project – Our Decker Ross Design Team will oversee the installation and completion of your entire project. We’ll provide the finishing touches- from hanging artwork to placing accessories- in order to create a beautiful, tasteful, functional space for employees, visitors and clientele to enjoy for many years to come.


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