Owner, Suzan Decker Ross and Interior Designer, Marci Tempesta recently returned from the Spring Highpoint Furniture Market, in Highpoint North Carolina.  Although Suzan has attended numerous markets over the years, this was Marci’s first experience in Highpoint.  “It was very exciting and each showroom was even better than the previous one!” Marci exclaimed.  She added, “It was so nice to see the collections in person, giving me additional confidence in recommending the products to my clients.”  She also enjoyed being able to pick out some accessories and furnishings for her current clients in person.

Both designers mentioned how beautiful the various lighting showrooms were.  “Luna Bella was probably my favorite,” Marci commented.  They also thought Guild Master and Steven Shell had extremely impressive showrooms and both featured a variety of unique and beautiful designer finishes.

Veteran Interior Designer, Suzan Decker Ross, relayed some observed changes over the years- including an increase in the number of products being made domestically.  “Although Market has become much busier over the years, transportation to and from the area hotels is a lot easier than it used to be- with the use of shuttles,” Suzan noted.  “They have also featured more high profile entertainment over the last few years,” she added.

Suzan and Marci both observed that gold finishes are making a comeback, along with platinum and silver in both shiny and brushed type finishes. The Industrial look continues to be a current design trend, along with “live edge” wood tables with metal bases.  Suzan noted the use of recycled materials in a variety of products, and numerous specialty wall treatments, including “living walls”.   She snapped a photo of Marci demonstrating the “Peelable Wallpaper”, which you can check out on our website.  As far as colors go, blush pink, and various shades of blues and greys were prominently featured throughout the various showrooms.

All in all, the Spring 2016 Highpoint Market was a fabulous, enriching experience and both Suzan and Marci returned with new, creative ideas and a few funny stories.  Ask them about their literal “brush” with Donny Osmond on the plane headed to Market (where he was a featured entertainer)!


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