Professional Interior Design Firm versus Furniture Store Designer

By Howard Ellis & Shawn Tanney Richards

So, the furniture store you were in today has a designer on staff.  And you’re wondering if you should just let them furnish your home or office, rather than calling in a professional interior design firm, right?

Before you make that decision, here are a few things to consider…

A professional interior design firm can take your project from, “Not exactly sure what I want, but I have a few ideas”… to… “Wow, that’s exactly what I had in mind, only better.”

Because they’re responsible to you and not to the furniture store owner, the design firm can’t be influenced by inventory issues or spiffs on certain items the store wants to move.

The design firm will give you access to more than a thousand assorted vendors that cater to every budget. The nice man or woman from the furniture store can’t do that. Nor can they specify fabrics from unlimited sources, as the design firm can.

With all their limitations, the prospect of  the furniture store designer creating an exciting,  unique, personalized design just for you, isn’t likely. And it’s not just about design, it’s also dollars. The design firm can shield you from costly mistakes in a way the furniture store designer can’t. Mistakes that can rob your budget of buying power and leave you disappointed with the look and livability of your interior.

It’s a great stress reliever knowing that, from blueprints to finishing touches, your design firm will handle preliminary planning, project coordination with architects, builders, and subcontractors and then complete the look of your project with art, accessories, window treatments, and appropriate lighting. Think of the time that will save you. Not to mention the sleepless nights.

In short, to appreciate the difference between having a design firm handle your project versus someone from the furniture store you visited, consider this little analogy: Would you rather have a meal planned and prepared just for you by a chef who goes out each day searching for the most desirable ingredients and the best values he can find in shops and stores all over…Or by Del Monte’s home economist, who prepares your meal solely from the company’s selection of  products?


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